5 Tips To Turn Your Website Into A Marketing Machine

by | Sep 20, 2020 | BLOG | 2 comments

Imagine if you could design a portrait photography website that every time your ideal customer visited they immediately felt like you were talking directly to them. They knew exactly what you specialized in from simply seeing your homepage. They also felt like they already know, like, and trust you even though you haven’t spoken or met yet. Imagine if they navigated through your website exactly the way you wanted and contacted you as they saw you as the expert in their area. How would that make you feel if your website actually sold people before they contacted you?

All too often I see photographers using their website simply as a portfolio. They have every single service they offer displayed on their home page and no clear call to action anywhere on their website. You’re missing out on your website’s true potential! Here are 5 simple tips you can do to your portrait photography website right now to turn into a well-oiled marketing machine!

Tip 1: Only show pictures of what you specialize in on your homepage. For example, I specialize in Maternity and Newborn Photography. Everyone that visits my website instantly knows that. This positions me as an expert in this particular niche and informs my ideal customers that I am highly trained in handling babies.

Tip 2: Use written and video testimonials throughout your portrait photography website. This will build the trust factor and validate your business for potential clients. Video testimonials are the best method especially if your clients take them themselves and they look more authentic that way. Include testimonials on just about every page of your website.

Tip 3: The words you have on your website should discuss the outcome of working with you and not the products or services themselves. People hate being sold to instead communicate the feeling they will have from documenting this moment in their life forever, especially years down the line when their children are all grown up. As portrait photographers we sell emotion!

Tip 4: Use your unique selling proposition or USP to inform potential clients what sets your studio apart from the sea of photographers in your area.  You should clearly define what makes you unique! It could be something about the way you design your scenes or the fact that you specialize in creating wall art for their home when every other photographer in your area is only offering digitals. Really think about what makes you different!

Tip 5: Be sure to have a call to action on your portrait photography website. A call to action could be a freebie like video tips to help them prepare for their portrait or something that would get them to exchange their email address for free information. Once you have their email address you have a way of communicating with them and can set up a series of automated emails that will take them along a journey of getting to know you and your studio, even more, to lead to a sale.

Now can you see the difference between visiting a website that is designed utilizing these 5 tips and a website that’s simply a portfolio of everything? Implementing these simple 5 strategies into your portrait photography website will make a huge difference! Now if you’ve never created a freebie before to capture emails I want to help you get started.


  1. Cindy

    I’m rebuilding my website.. would love to include a freebie
    Do you have recommendations for a platform to use for a new site? Right now I’m using IFP3.com… thoughts on Wix?

    • Mbrewster

      Hi Cindy, I highly recommend WordPress! This website and my photography studio’s website are WordPress sites. It gives you full customization and much better SEO! You can find my recommendation for host companies, builders, and themes here on my Resource tab https://moms.theswaddlepro.com/diy-course


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