Whether you’re just starting out and have only had photography as a hobby or you have been in business for several years now and you’re ready to treat your photography as a true business I have the perfect training for you. I have broken down my training into segments to take into account differing learning styles, in-person or online sales, and the areas of your business that are beneficial to running a successful studio. Not sure where to start? Send me an email and I will help you figure it out.

Profitable studio 9week course

Become a profitable maternity and newborn photography business in the next three months by retaining high paying clients for years to come without ‘icky’ selling, spending precious money on additional advertising, or taking any client that knocks on your door. 

Without a super clear, step-by-step plan, most photographers get completely lost. They fall victim to their own paralyzing fears and uncertainties. Do any of these inner voices sound familiar? “There are already so many photographers in my area”. “I’m not sure my work is good enough”. “How can I make any money when there are so many shoot and burn photographers around me basically giving away their work for free?” Or perhaps you lack the clarity and direction over exactly which steps you need to take first to become a profitable photography studio? The Profitable Studio’s 12-week course lays it all out for you in 9 simple to follow modules.

3 DAY MENTORSHIP 1-on-1 In Person: Posing, Lighting, Full TPS Course

Learn live in person for 3 full days plus lifetime access to the Profitable Studio 9 week course

This mentorship is perfect for you if you want…

  • Hands-on training with maternity and newborn models
  • Detailed instruction of Photoshop enhancements
  • Knowledge of studio strobes and lighting techniques
  • Newborn safety and posing
  • Business and marketing strategies
  • Complete breakdown of the Create Your Own Collection pricing model
  • Step-by-step blueprint for a profitable first-year package
  • Detailed outline of how to automate your business
  • Plus so much more!


Learn live in person for one full day plus lifetime access to the Profitable Studio Art Of Pricing course. 

This mentorship is perfect for you if you want…

  • Hands-on training with maternity and newborn models
  • Knowledge of studio strobes and lighting techniques
  • Newborn safety and posing
  • Complete breakdown of the Create Your Own Collection pricing model
  • Plus so much more! 

defining your Target audience and branding

Are you just starting out and can’t seem to find your style yet? Do you feel like your website and marketing pieces are all over the place without a clearly defined style and message?

Defining your target audience helps you understand your market. It will show you which local companies you should be networking with, the key social media platforms that you need to focus on, and even help you figure out what your branding should reflect! 

Branding is everything your customers see, hear, and feel both emotionally and physically regarding your business. It’s not just your logo OR the colors on your website. While that’s part of it, branding also includes the way you express yourself on your website and marketing pieces, your core values described in your vision, and mission statement, the quality of your customer service, the photos and images used on your website, and social media, and more!


As newborn photographers we have a unique opportunity to build buzz now and book clients for the future! Many of our clients are months away from having their babies, which puts us in the perfect position to create buzz around our business now to drive them to book mid pregnancy. 

The hard part is being seen at a time when everyone is checking their phones for the latest news update, or sharing the latest meme.
The great news is you can capture your audience’s attention in a way that will bring a bit of excitement into their lives AND grow your email and client list while boosting your SEO and social media followers at the same time. 
The answer is the Buzz & Growth Giveaway Roadmap. A simple and effective training on how to run a social sharing giveaway that your audience will love. Within a few hours you can see people joining your list, sharing content, and building buzz. 

Art Of Pricing

If you want to turn your new inquiries into high paying clients then click the button below and I can show you how choosing the right pricing model will drastically change your business profitability.

This “Art of Pricing” course is a combination of EVERYTHING I’ve learned to book my schedule full with clients that regularly invest over $2,000 to have their beginning forever with maternity and newborn photography. If you’re committed to FINALLY turn your photography from a hobby to a true business, I can’t wait to slash that learning curve and help get you there faster and more profitably. I will teach you the exact method that I use for my clients. This step-by-step approach has led to huge sales, with one client spending $11,500 on just one session.

2 Day Intensive Group Workshops with Art Of Pricing Course

Take your maternity and newborn photography skills to the next level!
In this hands-on workshop, I will teach you how to quickly and easily capture your moneymaker shots to bring in the revenue you deserve.

This workshop is perfect for you if…

  • You’re new to maternity and newborn photography and you want to learn posing and baby safety.
  • You really want to increase your technical abilities in lighting and camera settings.
  • You’re ready to understand your cost of doing business and implement a pricing structure that will allow clients to spend big.

My goal is to boost your confidence in maternity and newborn posing and lighting; provide you with a portfolio full of images to use immediately in your studio; gift you my one-of-a-kind tool that will cut your newborn session times in half; and explain the art of pricing! Limited to groups of 5.

3 months of social media prompts for Facebook & Instagram

Did you know Facebook only shows 6% of your followers your Facebook Page content? Yep it’s true!! All that hard work you do to gain followers is for nothing- unless you know how to work with the algorithm! So how the heck are you supposed to be seen on Facebook and Instagram with the sea of photographers out there?  

Well I can tell you it’s not with sneak peeks. You need engaging content, content that actually gets people to stop scrolling and comment. Most photographers I know have a love hate relationship with social media? You know you have to do it but every time you go online to create a post, other than your sneak peeks, you completely blank.

Don’t worry I’ve got you covered!

Now you can gain instant access to 3 months of social media prompts specifically for maternity and newborn photographers. All you have to do is copy and paste it into Facebook and Instagram and you’re done! These are my most engaging posts from my own photography studio!



Newborn Wrapping Tutorials

Want to achieve those adorable wrapped newborn pictures you see all over Pinterest? Your clients are gushing over them and you know that they will bring in the revenue.

Sure you can search YouTube for another poorly light, hard to hear tutorial that leaves you still confused on how to perfect the bow tie wrap or how to get the baby’s toes to peek through a wrap just right.

Or you can just learn from me!

My Newborn Wrapping Tutorials will guide you step by step through absolutely gorgeous wraps techniques that will not only help you better your work but help increase your profits.

 I’ll teach you how to achieve the…

  • Bow Tie Wrap
  • Crisscross Wrap
  • Toe Peep Wrap
  • ​Twist Knot Wrap
  • Pretzel Wrap
  • Potato Sack Wrap With Two Variations
Swaddle Pro

Swaddle Pro

The Swaddle Pro is the only fully adjustable base swaddle that keeps babies sound asleep while you capture all your moneymaker shots. You can even use it with babies up to 2 months old! Accomplish each wrapping technique show here with easy! BONUS WITH PURCHASE- receive FREE newborn Photoshop actions that include 7 actions specifically made for newborn portraits that will help your images have creamy skin, proper sharpness, that extra pop, and more! 

  • Fits Babies Newborn to Two Months (5lbs to 15lbs)
  •  ​Breathable, Stretchy Material
  • Machine Washable
  • ​Made In USA


maternity & Newborn photography Welcome Guide PSD template

Are you sick of new clients never coming to their sessions properly prepared? You spend hours prepping scenes and gathering props just to have them show up with horrible outfits or having fed the baby right before they left to come to their session.

It’s so frustrating because their lack of preparation will ultimately affect your final sale!

This will all change with my Maternity and Newborn Welcome Guide.

I have added 15 years of session prep knowledge along with a beautiful design that will have your new clients stopping to read all the details.


Create your own collection Investment Guide & incentive psd Template

My Create Your Own Collection is the ultimate pricing method that truly allows for huge profits. But, it can also require the most client education, as they can be overwhelmed with all the options on offer to build their own package. So you need a simple to follow clear investment guide to walks them through every option with ease whilst getting them to purchase exactly what you want every time.

Get instant access to my Investment and Incentive Guides PSD Templates now!